Who are The Pounding Fathers?

The Pounding Fathers are a gaming clan / guild / group. We play PC & Xbox primarily and will play anything from Gang Beasts to Player Unknown Battle Grounds. Mostly we are a group of gamers that all have founding father puns for names.

Does The Pounding Fathers have anything to do with dads?

Not really; Unless your dad plays video games.

Are you any good?

Not really, but we try really hard.

How do I join The Pounding Fathers?

Click the Join Us link in the menu. We manage the clan out of Discord so that is where we all are. We are more than happy to accept new members as long as they are nice.

Also, we encourage you to come up with an american pun nickname!

Do The Pounding Fathers compete in tournaments?

We have competed in Overwatch tournaments in the past and also held our own StarCraft 2 tournament. We called it the Carolina Open Invitational.

Soon, RonaldRayGun will be competing at the Omegathon at PAX. We will be live streaming the event through our site and cheering him on! Good Luck Ronald!!

How do I watch The Pounding Fathers streams?

You can watch TPF streams on the homepage or on Twitch.

Do you have a podcast?

We used to. We are in the process of recreating this, but it will take time as most of our clan have full-time jobs. Be on the look out!

Why do you use .us instead of .com?

.com is for commies.