Omegathon Update – Destiny 2

Boy did we get lucky. Not only did we get one Pounding Father in the Omegathon (RonaldRaygun), we got two! HolyCosine was randomly selected to compete after another player dropped out.
They both did an excellent job, but weren’t able to pull out the W (mostly because of bull-shit); Maybe next year. We are still super proud of them representing the clan in spectacular fashion.

Important News…

Destiny 2 has recently launched and we are going to be putting together a speed run on the first day of the raid. I’ll be posting with more details soon!

Also, if you want to play Destiny 2 with us on Xbox One or PC please join the TPF Discord From there we can get you added to the clan on Xbox One and we can start raiding together.

Have an awesome day!!