Chatterwhite after labor day? For shame!

Just a friendly reminder that this weekend is the last day of summer, and therefore the last time you can don your Chatterwhite, or Chowderwhite as its referred to by the Guardians in the know! Where did this tradition come from you ask? The trend started a few decades ago, when a ghost found its Guardian late September and refused to revive him due to his white attire. “I couldn’t just roll into the tower with my Guardian dressed in THAT. I mean we would have been laughed out of town. By the time a found a different shader for him the Hive had kind of…eaten his corpse i guess is the best way to put it”. Even though the ghost had to live the rest of it’s life in the shame of never fulfilling it’s singular goal, the move was lauded by the Guardian elite in the Tower. When asked about wearing Chowderwhite after labor day the Stranger added “It’s just not done. Not if you want to get invited to the Shipwrights Xmas formal.” What do the regular Citizens think of this fashion trend? “I had to eat my own shit last night to survive.”. What a party pooper!

I don't have time to tell you why I don't have time to tell you why I'm still dressed in white!

I don’t have time to tell you why I don’t have time to tell you why I’m still dressed in white!